Turn to Pool Plastering Companies for Quality Outcomes

Prevent Further Pool Damage!

It’s essential for every pool owner to be aware of the risks of not tending to damage in their ground or inground pool plaster when needed. As among the leading pool plastering companies in the industry, we know that a quick repair job is needed to prevent further damage and keep the pool looking and functioning the way it should.

Scraping and Patching: Damage Caused by Inadequate Repair

When ignoring the need for quick repair of pool plaster damage, one of the most common issues is scraping and patching. Applying a patch with a smaller width can lead to air pockets and possibly a dipping in the pool area, making it extremely difficult to apply the patch efficiently. Also, the patch may detach from the existing plaster and can cause water loss from the pool or further damage.

Micro-Cracking: A Real Risk

Applying too many patches or trying to cover a large area can result in micro-cracking. These are cracks that appear over time due to the patch wanting to move differently than the existing pool plaster. This can cause damage to the surface and ruin the appearance of a pool.

Non-Adhesive Alternatives: Dangers Await

When neglecting to fix pool plaster, a pool owner may try to use a non-adhesive alternative. This can be a very big mistake because non-adhesive materials are unable to hold water and can cause pool staining or a decrease in water pressure.

Unpreparedness: A Costly Repair Job!

Finally, not acting quickly to fix pool plaster issues can lead to more expensive repairs. When a pool plaster is not fixed right away, the damage can become more extensive and cost more money. In the worst-case scenarios, the entire pool may have to be replaced.

Pool plastering companies like 5 Stars Caulking plus Plastering are the ones that you can trust for an affordable plastering service in the area. We’re known in all Phoenix, AZ for the quality services that we’re offering at affordable prices. For inquiries, don’t hesitate to call us at (602) 898-4277!