New Pool Plaster for Your Commercial Property!

Introducing Long-Lasting Pool Plaster for Commercial Pools

Maintaining a commercial pool is no easy effort. When many swimmers are using the pool, the plaster may not be able to handle the pressure. But don’t worry! There are effective ways to make your pool plaster last for longer and withstand heavy pool usage. Here are 4 tips for customizing your commercial new pool plaster:

Replace Your Plaster Surface Annually

The plaster surface of a commercial pool is highly susceptible to damage and crusting. To ensure that your pool’s plaster can withstand heavy pool traffic, it’s important to replace it annually. It is best to replace it with marble dust pool plaster since it has a greater capacity to withstand water chemistry changes, temperatures, and intense pool usage.

Use a Sealer and Resurfacer

Applying a sealer and resurfacer to your pool plaster can make a major difference in its durability. This not only strengthens the plaster surface and protects it from further damage, but it also enhances the color of the pool.

Have a Schedule for Cleaning

Pool maintenance is key for commercial pools. That’s why it’s important to set up a consistent schedule for all pool cleaning and maintenance tasks. Keeping up with regular cleaning, repairs, and maintenance of the pool and its components will help protect the pool plaster from wear and tear and extend its durability.

Maintain the Right Water Chemistry

Having the right water chemistry is essential for the longevity of the pool plaster. By maintaining the balance of chemicals, such as pH, alkalinity, and calcium, in the pool water, you can protect the plaster and improve its durability.

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