Insights From Your Trusted Residential Plastering Service Provider

Explore the 4 Fabulous Types of Safe Pool Plasters for All Age Groups

Adding a pool to your backyard can be an exciting experience. Pools provide endless hours of fun and joy for all age groups. Pool plaster is like a decorative finish that allows you to coat the pool surfaces with different looks and textures. This plaster acts like a shield and protects the inner pools and the swimmers in them. Here are some options for your residential plastering service:

The Long-Lasting Durability of Pebble Plaster

Pebble plaster is a long-lasting, popular option for pools of all shapes and sizes. As a mix of smooth pebbles that are mixed with a blend of cement and pigment, it creates a strong, durable finish. It is strong enough to resist wear and tear but also feels great against the skin. Pebble plaster is best for those who are looking for a long-term solution for their pool plastering.

The Versatility of Crystal Glass Plaster

Being one of the newest options on the market, crystal glass plaster is becoming a trend. This combines silica sand with quartz glass, resulting in an elegant and luxurious finish. It is a fast-drying option that allows for customization by choosing different shades of quartz glass to incorporate into the blend. The crystal glass plaster gives the pool a bright look while also providing a great feeling against your skin.

The Smoothness of Quartz Plaster

Quartz plaster is an incredibly popular and sleek option. This provides a smooth wall surface that has the potential to save a lot of time and money. This creates a hard-coat finish that is easier to maintain and results in greater overall life expectancy. It also provides a texture that is softer and kinder to the skin than many other options.

The Unique Look of Vinyl Plaster

For a unique look and feel, look no further than vinyl plaster. This adds a unique look that is finished off with a smooth, marbled texture and comes in various colors. It is sure to give a high-end look to any pool and is proven to promote a longer life while also being incredibly easy to clean.

These four types of pool plaster all boast incredibly long life-span and safe materials. 5 Stars Caulking plus Plastering provides a high-quality residential plastering service that is sure to keep your family safe, no matter what age or swimming ability. Make sure to contact us at (602) 898-4277 for all your pool plastering needs in Phoenix, AZ today.