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Do you want to hire a professional plastering service provider so you can improve the looks of the surfaces on your property? Perhaps you wish to hire a stucco expert? If so, 5 Stars Caulking plus Plastering is the company you can trust. We are conveniently based in Phoenix, AZ.

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In the living room of your magnificent home, there must be more walls than just plain, smooth, untextured ones. Residential plastering service will give your house a fuller, healthier appearance. Plaster moldings on the walls and ceiling are a common, low-cost way to give a room a "Wow!" element. The choice of a plaster mold requires consideration of several factors, including theme, colors, size, and design. It can be transformed into something beautiful with just a small change in depth or color.


It's crucial to check for building cracks where water could enter. The building is very likely to collapse if there is a constant leak of water and it is always wet. Using skilled caulking services is necessary to completely waterproof the structure. To prevent any disaster, professional caulking services will accurately identify and seal any building cracks.
Plaster Repair

Plaster Repair

What causes plaster to crack? Your home is under constant pressure, though you might not fully realize it. Your property constantly grows and shrinks as the seasons change because of temperature variations. And it won't be long before the edges of your ceiling or walls are marred by a web of plaster cracks. Our company's knowledgeable specialists are more than capable of diligently patching up holes and cracks in plaster using durable wall plaster.


Cement-based stucco is a fantastic material for exterior walls because it can last for up to 50 years without needing any maintenance. Because stucco contracts and expands in response to temperature changes, it is less likely to crack or break as the seasons change than other types of building materials. Stucco installation is one of our areas of expertise, and we offer reasonable prices for it.
Stucco Repair

Stucco Repair

The most significant and obvious benefit of hiring a professional for stucco repair is that they have the necessary level of expertise to carry out the process successfully from the outset. Many inexperienced homeowners believe they can save money by handling their stucco repairs. However, this strategy almost always fails and results in exorbitant costs.
Pool Plastering

Pool Plastering

Although concrete is one of the pool construction materials that lasts the longest, eventually you'll want to give the pool a makeover and renovation. The pool has a like-new finish thanks to new plaster, which matches your lifestyle and your house. Clear and concise communication is the foundation of every successful pool plastering project. Every client receives a detailed project estimate and timeline that details all of the work required to replace pool plaster.

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The Benefits

When considering a renovation or the addition of a unique feature, it is typical to think about doing a sizable portion of the work yourself. When you become a homeowner,  DIY can help you learn new skills and save money, but some tasks, even the simplest ones, are better left to pool plastering companies. Even though adding plaster to your home is a great way to increase its value, you might not think it is necessary to hire a professional if you are only updating a small portion.

How We Work

We provide excellent pool plastering services and more to our customers, using only high-quality materials, equipment, and a high level of precision. We make certain that each job runs smoothly.

Our Other Areas Served

Now that you know more about what we offer, how we do it, and why hiring our experts for a new pool plaster & more is the right thing to do, perhaps you also want to know the locations that we serve. They are as follows:

Komatke, AZ

Maricopa, AZ

Paradise Valley Town, AZ

Tolleson, AZ

Youngtown Town, AZ

Are you looking for a professional plastering service in Phoenix, AZ? If you are anywhere in the area, 5 Stars Caulking plus Plastering is the one you can trust. Contact us today!


I used their professional plastering service, and they did an excellent job. The experts arrived exactly when they said they would and completed the job correctly. I strongly recommend them to anyone in need!

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